Fabone Solutions

making strategy

Mission and Vision

            Fabone Solutions believe that the establishment of an effective quality management system will help our company to achieve its vision of becoming a highly respected manpower and consultancy services. The company is strongly determined to lead in this industry by providing satisfaction to our customers and complying with all applicable terms and conditions and other requirements that we subscribe to. We will achieve this by:

  • Addressing the needs and expectations of our customers in a timely manner;
  • Continually improving our processes and manpower through innovation way of working
  • Continually raising quality and quantitative manpower within the Company and our customers as well.

            It is imperative that all personnel understand this policy and that all relevant objectives/targets formulated are for the continual improvement of the quality and quantitative manpower


Applicable Standards

Fabone Solutions considers itself a partner of the Company by earning the trust & loyalty of our associates, companies.

  • We measure its success firstly by understanding the main objective or requirement of the Client Companies & then cater the best in the market in due time.
  • We keep continuous communications via constant follow-up with both the client Companies & candidates.
  • We foster long lasting relationship with Client Companies through integrated e-recruitment solutions.
  • We provide qualified candidates to our Client companies through robust selection processes.
  • We have a vast database of candidates who has strong professional & personal characteristics that will create positive synergy with the Client Companies.
  • We provides convenient terms & agreement to the Client Company & quick replacement of candidate if required.